Sunday, February 13, 2011

Republicans running wild in D.C. - IOKIYAR rules the day

If you have a few minutes (50 or so) and appreciate subtle farce, take a look at this video of Congressman Anthony Weiner taking U.S. House Republicans to task for failing to follow their own rules when introducing new legislation.

When the GOP took over the House of Representatives earlier this year, they made a big show of enacting a rule that requires that a member who introduces legislation must cite the section of the Constitution the specifically grants to Congress the power to legislate in that area.

When the Republicans introduced H.R. 358, one they have named the "Protect Life Act," they were in such a rush to appease a certain segment of their base that they sort of neglected to make the proper citation.

And Congressman Weiner didn't give them a free pass on their hypocrisy.  :))


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