Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Democratic Senators of the Wisconsin Legislature: Heroes For Our Time

By now, everyone has heard of the developments in Wisconsin - the Republican governor and legislative majority in Wisconsin is railroading through legislation to bust the public employee unions in Wisconsin, the affected workers - teachers, firefighters, and more - are protesting, and now the entire Democratic caucus of the Wisconsin State Senate has left the state to block the Republicans from achieving the quorum needed to vote on the union-busting measure.

In honor of the 14 Democrats who are standing up for working Wisconsans by standing up and leaving their home state, here's the list -

Tim Carpenter, Milwaukee

Spencer Coggs, Milwaukee

Timothy Cullen, Janesville (no photo available)

Jon Erpenbach, Middleton

Dave Hansen, Green Bay

Jim Holperin, Conover

Robert Jauch, Poplar

Chris Larson, Milwaukee (no photo available)

Julie Lassa, Stevens Point

Mark Miller, Monona

Luther Olsen, Ripon

Fred Risser, Madison

Lena Taylor, Milwaukee

Kathleen Vinehout, Alma

Robert Wirch, Pleasant Prairie

An open invitation to any or all 14 of the Wisconsin Senate Democrats -

On March 26, Arizona's District 17 Democrats are holding our annual "Chili Cook-off" and you are invited.  If necessary, I'll pay the admission fees for all of you, though the blogging budget can't cover airfare.

If you are still people without a home, or even a state, at the end of March, the Democrats of South Scottsdale and Tempe will welcome you with open arms and even feed you.  The quality of the chili recipes is generally very good, even the vegan, but there are probably going to be a couple of entries that you might want to avoid if you don't want your taste buds seared off.  :)


Ang said...

A big THANKS from a state employee in WI, both for recognizing our incredible WI Senators and your support!

cpmaz said...


Big thanks go out to you and everybody else in WI who is standing up against the insanity and meanness and for working people everywhere.

Rolling back workers' collective bargaining rights in order to pay for corporate tax cuts is unconscionable and needs to be stopped.