Tuesday, January 04, 2011

David Schweikert, a Constitutional expansionist?

From the Phoenix Business Journal (quoted in its entirety because it is only two sentences) -

New U.S. Rep. David Schweikert, R-Scottsdale/Tempe, was on CNN Monday night talking about health care.

Schweikert toppled Democratic incumbent Harry Mitchell in November. Schweikert will be part of the GOP efforts to dismantle President Barack Obama's health plans. Schweikert made the argument on CNN against the individual mandate in the Obama plans saying Americans have the 'right to be dumb' and not have insurance even if they can afford it.
Check out this CNN video for more.

I don't see anything in the U.S. Constitution specifying that right (and wasn't one of the R arguments against health care reform something about it not being in the Constitution?), but Schweikert seems to be well on his way to proving that 110,374 voters have already taken advantage of that Schweikert-granted "right".


tempe turley said...

I just wish Parker and Spitzer would have asked better questions.

Schweikert makes one good point that the fines are small enough that it will be cheaper for many to pay the fine instead of paying for the insurance.

But, how would he deal with those with chronic disease? And garnering people's wages who go to the emergency room uninsured? That is pretty punitive considering how costly emergency room visits can be and there are many people who simply cannot get access to insurance practically at any price (those with chronic conditions say).

I found it interesting that Schweikert defends medicaid and medicare here - which is far less market based than the Obama's exchange.

But again, I'm not sure how you regulate insurance companies on preexisting conditions and portability (something Schweikert supports) and not have some form of a mandate (which he opposes).

But I felt like he was let largely off the hook because of some pretty dumb questions.

Ann said...

Schweikert doesn't seem to know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare. At one point in the clip, he talks about AHCCCS, and goes on to explain that in other states, it's known as Medicare. So much for the right to be dumb.