Wednesday, January 05, 2011

BrewerCare Body Count: 2

From the Arizona Senate Democratic Caucus (the full story is at the Arizona Guardian, but that's behind a subscriber firewall) -
Today, University Medical Center in Tucson has confirmed that a UMC patient, who was awaiting a transplant, but was refused the life saving procedure because of Republican budget cuts, has died.

“It’s time to put politics aside and restore the transplant funding,” said incoming Senate Minority Leader David Schapira. “Gov. Brewer and the Republican leadership at the legislature need to join us and take immediate action to fix their mistake. Failure to restore this funding is a death sentence for people who have committed no crimes.”
So what are Brewer and company doing while people are dying?

...Giving out medals to commemorate her inauguration, while ignoring public records requests seeking information about the cost of those medals and the rest of the inauguration-related costs...

...Trotting out legislation attacking brown-skinned babies...

...Preparing for a high-dollar fundraiser in Paradise Valley, where almost the entire directory of Arizona lobbyist will pay $250 or more for the (dubious) privilege of cozying up to Senate President-elect Russell Pearce...

...Balancing the state's budget...oh, wait, that's the one thing that they *aren't" doing...

How many have to die before they are sated?

BTW - some readers may think that last sentence is too much, but it's a lot milder than what I originally typed -

Jan and her clan - rolling back Arizona's population growth, one poor person at a time.

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