Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Redistricting update: New meeting scheduled

I promised an update when more info was available.  Here's some...

From Steve Muratore at the newest blog on the Arizona political scene, Eagle-tarian (quoting a letter from Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch to Kirk Adams and Russell Pearce:
I have directed staff to schedule a Commission meeting as soon as possible to address the contents of your letter.

As is the case with all Commission meetings, this will be a public meeting. I encourage all those interested in the process to attend and consider providing comment for the benefit of the Commission, as it considers the issues you have raised.
Later in his post, Steve reports:
Annette Corallo, program specialist at the AZ Supreme Court told me the meeting has been scheduled for December 29 at 9 am at the state court building, 1500 W. Washington, Phoenix.
Mark your calendars folks.

Steve has been at the interview and screening meetings, too, and he has some great insights into the Pearce/Adams demagoguery over this matter.  His blog is new but definitely worthy of a read, and is listed on the blogroll at the right of this page.


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