Thursday, December 30, 2010

PSA time - AZ road closures 12/30/2010

Updated at 6:45 p.m. on 12/30/2010:

From ADOT:
I-17 is now open in both directions. Traffic had been closed Wednesday due to snow and congestion. This reopening will allow motorists to move between Flagstaff and Phoenix, although drivers should expect longer-than-normal travel times and continued snowplow patrols. However, if conditions change drivers should be prepared for delays or temporary closures.

I-40 is now open in both directions after being closed earlier Thursday from roughly Kingman to Flagstaff to Holbrook. I-40 is a primary national transportation corridor and, like I-17, will remain a top priority for ADOT to keep clear and passable as weather conditions continue to evolve.

State Route 89A remains closed from Pumphouse Wash at milepost 386 to Forest Highlands Road at milepost 397 due to winter conditions and resource allocation. The highway may open late Thursday afternoon based on weather.

US 180 remains closed north of Flagstaff and is expected to remains so until at least Friday.

State Route 77 between Globe and Winkleman has been reopened.

State Route 366 in Graham County has been closed because gusting winds, snow and icy roads that are causing dangerous conditions. ADOT has deployed available crews and snow removal equipment from the Safford area to more heavily traveled routes on US 191 and US 70. With colder temperatures and more snow possible overnight, ADOT expects to keep SR 366 closed to all traffic until Saturday. Known locally as Swift Trail, SR 366 runs west off of US 191 south of Safford and goes to the top of Mount Graham.

US 191 is impassible between Morenci and Hannigan Meadow in Greenlee County because snow, wind and ice. Drivers should avoid using the highway, which leads into the White Mountains. Travel though this area is made more difficult by the closure of US 180 in New Mexico, which serves as an alternate route between Morenci and Alpine.

Other highways in northeastern Arizona, north of Payson, continue to experience extreme weather and whiteout conditions. State Route 87 and State Route 260 require snow chains or four-wheel-drive vehicles; temporary periods of closure in segments may be required based on current weather conditions.
Any further updates can be found at the website of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Drive safely everyone...

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This blog has been receiving a number of hits on an old post that detailed some road closures in AZ approximately two years ago.  As a courtesy to the people looking for info on current weather related road closures, here the latest from the Arizona Department of Transportation -
Interstate 40 stretching through Kingman, Flagstaff and Holbrook (milepost 71 to 250) has been closed in both directions due to winter driving conditions.

I-17 northbound remains closed north of State Route 179. Traffic at this time is being diverted to southbound I-17. Drivers are advised to detour in advance or delay travels to avoid congestion at the turnaround.

I-17 southbound is closed at Airport Road, about two miles south of Flagstaff. Traffic is being rerouted back to the north. Travel south from Flagstaff at this time is not recommended; no reopen time has been established.

State Route 89A remains closed from Pumphouse Wash at milepost 386 to Forest Highlands Road at milepost 397 due to winter conditions and resource allocation.
In other words, avoid travel in northern Arizona.  If you are already there, hunker down and stay warm for a couple of days.
For more updates, call 5 - 1 - 1 or visit (link not working right now, probably due to heavy site traffic) before venturing out.

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