Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kyrsten Sinema looking for ways to reinstate funding for lifesaving transplants

From KSAZ (Fox 10 in Phoenix) -
For this story, the phrase, "cutting the fat" slices both ways.
Start with State Representative Kyrsten Sinema, who says liposuction is among billions of dollars in yearly tax exemptions in Arizona.


Sinema argues taxing lipo could raise a couple million dollars a year, enough to pay for transplants.

"But I think liposuction is probably not one of those. If we had to close a loophole in order to pay for people like Mr. Felix to get his liver transplant, I think it's a fair thing to do," she said.

32-year-old Francisco Felix lost a chance at a liver transplant due to cuts in AHCCCS, Arizona's Medicaid agency .
Safe to say, Sinema won't be running for Congress in a district that covers any part of Scottsdale, the elective surgery capital of Arizona, any time soon.


Brennan said...

The birth of Angels of Arizona has begun. Angels of Arizona is in the process of becoming a Non-Profit in Arizona to help Arizona citizens in need of transplants. http://www.AngelsofArizona.org

Dick said...

The problem is not a lack of funds as the Governor claims. The problem is misplaced priorities. Look at the millions she is spending on her pet projects, Centennial Way in Phoenix and the Arizona Centennial Museum. For details, see www.minmumad.blogspot.com

mintradz said...

I agreed to what Dick said. It is unquestionably prioritization and not the lack of funds. there are lot of funds given to other pet projects without any thoughts that the funds there can be use in any other matters. Liposuction Phoenix said that, there are few complaints in their fields that liposuction, in time would be rare if they will implement tax per surgeries. It was good to help other people, but paying taxes without an output may seem to be intolerable. Besides, they can perform surgeries that can be equivalent into tax reduction for doing charities.