Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jan " BrewerCare Death Panels" Brewer says that organ transplants are "potentially life-saving"

...but before anyone gets excited, she's using that to buttress her argument in support of further cutting Medicaid in Arizona...

From Governor Brewer's letter to Congress begging to be allowed to cut Medicaid (known in AZ as "AHCCCS") further -
...Because we cannot change our generous eligibility standards, Arizona has taken actions to reduce our Medicaid cost, such as limits on services not mandated by Medicaid, including potentially life-saving organ transplantations...
The "eligibility standards" (page 26 of the linked .pdf) that Brewer et. al. consider to be so "generous"?

Income that doesn't exceed 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL).  That's $10,830/year for a single adult or $22,050/year for a family of four.

Only Jan and her clan can keep a straight face when describing abject poverty as "generous."

H/T to State Sen.-elect David Schapira (D-LD17), quoted in the Arizona Capitol Times, for the heads-up on this...

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