Friday, December 03, 2010

Isn't this one of Nostradamus' signs of the impending apocalypse?

From Politico via the Arizona Republic -
More parents naming babies after Palin girls

The power of the Palins: Turns out it's not limited to nabbing invitations to rumba on "Dancing With the Stars." The famous Alaskan clan also influenced what new parents named their babies this year.

According to BabyCenter, a global interactive parenting network, the names Bristol, Willow and Piper (the names of the three Palin daughters) saw a big surge in popularity in 2010.
What does it say about America that parents are naming their children after the children of someone who could have been a single heartbeat away from being president, but every time she opens her mouth, shows herself to be a single braincell away from being plant life?

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