Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The "Party of No" is morphing into the "Party of Shameless Hypocrisy" before our eyes...

They aren't even in office, but are already enthusiastically becoming "D.C.-ified."

From TalkingPointsMemo -
Maryland physician Andy Harris (R) just soundly defeated Frank Kratovil, one of the most endangered Democrats on Capitol Hill going into the November election. And he did it in large part by railing against 'Obamacare' and pledging to repeal Health Care Reform. But when he showed on Capitol Hill today for an orientation for incoming members of Congress and their staffs, he had a different question: Where's my government health care?

According to Glenn Thrush of Politico, Harris created a stir at the orientation meeting by demanding to know why he had to wait a month after he was sworn in in January for his government-subsidized health care to kick in. After responding in a huff, he even asked if there was some way he could buy into the government care in advance, seemingly thinking there might be a government program similar to the so-called 'public option' championed by progressive Democrats in 2009.
From Harris' campaign website (before he cleanses it) -
"...the answer to the ever-rising cost of insurance is not the expansion of government-run or government-mandated insurance but, instead, common-sense market based solutions..."
I've got a "common-sense market based" solution for Mr. Harris, a practicing physician - take some of the profits from his lucrative medical practice and buy an insurance policy from a private company.

Or when he has a complaint about his health, go buy a mirror and treat himself.

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