Friday, November 19, 2010

The newest blockbuster for your video game console...

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Jan Brewer has lied repeatedly about the reason that transplants aren't covered any longer, usually blaming the new federal health care reform law for it.  Even though she signed the transplant funding cuts into law well before HCR was passed.

When she isn't blaming HCR, she likes to blame the federal stimulus law, saying that it barred cuts to states' Medicaid programs (AZ's is AHCCCS) by any states that accepted stimulus money.  Her story is that since AHCCCS was untouchable, cuts had to come from elsewhere.

The reality is that AHCCCS *wasn't* untouchable, here or anywhere else, and was, in fact, subject to cuts.  Which she and her cronies in the lege started implementing almost from the moment she took over the governor's office.

During the furor over health care reform, many Republicans liked to scream about "government death panels."

Too bad most listeners didn't realize that the screamers were talking about the "death panels" that they themselves were part of.

...Look for Brewer and Co.'s summer movie release of a Pearce/Adams production costarring the state's AHCCCS enrollees and the state's food stamp recipients.

Soylent Green.

- yeah, it's a little gross, but at this point, pretending that Brewer, Pearce, and the rest of the Capitol gang are decent human beings who just happen to hold different political positions than I do is just a waste of energy,

And a lie.

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Dick said...

But she still has money for her pet project, the Arizona Centennial Museum.