Thursday, November 25, 2010

A little light post-dinner* reading...

* = I was going to make the title of this one "A little light post-tryptophan-induced-coma reading" but decided that would be too long... :)

...From the Mitchell (S.D.) Republic, a piece about a state Democratic Party that was hit even harder in this month's election than the Arizona Democratic Party -
George McGovern says the South Dakota Democratic Party can become competitive again with the right approach and plenty of effort.

McGovern, who has a Mitchell residence, has an idea how to do it: Follow the playbook he devised more than a half century ago.

He was the executive secretary of the South Dakota Democratic Party in the 1950s when the Democrats were in worse condition than they are now.

When he took the reins of the party in 1953, the party was at its nadir. Democrats were outnumbered 108-2 in the Legislature and held no statewide offices.
One of the people quoted later in the article opines that money is the only significant factor in elections in the 21st Century and that grassroots organizing is overrated.

I disagree - lack of money may lose elections, but money doesn't win them - votes do.

...A different (Republican) take on the grassroots organizing model of the Democrats - it may not have prevented this year's electoral carnage, but it may have served to minimize the damage - from The Explorer (AZ).

...Sarah Palin showcases her willful ignorance of the world on Glenn Beck's radio show.  Of course, it being the *Glenn Beck" show, her IQ could reach into the high single digits and still elevate the intellectual level there...

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Thane Eichenauer said...

George McGovern said that the US Army should have left Iraq 3 years ago.

Given that Nancy Pelosi was elected minority leader I presume the number of people in Team D (House incumbent league) who support that idea hasn't yet reached 50%.

It predict that 2012 will be about whether Party D or Party R manages to disappoint voters more. I rather think Party D (to their detriment) will win that contest. They don't have any idea why they lost and appear to be quite content to continue to play the "It's Bush's fault" card for the next two years at which point it is going to be 2 years past it's expiration date. Team R will then give Team D a pounding that will make the 2010 election seem like "the good times".