Friday, October 22, 2010

What is it with Arizona and its treasurers?

It seems that a certain segment of Arizona's politicians don't seem to understand that there is a difference between "representing" Arizonans, and "preying" on Arizonans...

Exhibit A:  Former State Treasurer David Petersen.  A former state legislator who resigned in disgrace from the state treasurer's job after an investigation into his improper use of public monies to fund his private business activities (ironically, the business was as a "character education" provider).

Exhibit B: Current and soon-to-be former State Treasurer Dean Martin.  A former state legislator who should (but won't) resign in disgrace from the state treasurer's job after proudly proclaiming on a national radio program his status as a vulture investor who is profiting from the scandal-plagued foreclosure crisis that is wracking families across Arizona and the country.

Exhibit C:  Former Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert.  A former state legislator who has been outed as a predatory vulture foreclosure investor, like Martin above.  He's been at it longer than Martin, and so is more accomplished at it - there have been illegal evictions (one served on a 12-year-old child, according to a court filing) and citations and fines for letting the properties he has acquired fall into disrepair, scarring the surrounding neighborhoods.

So let's see - they've got legislative experience in common, they've all been publicly-elected treasurers, and they aren't overly encumbered by ethics in their financial dealings. 

What else could PeteRsen, MaRtin, and SchweikeRt have in common?  I wondeRRRRR...

Anyway, while he has never been a legislator, Doug Ducey, R candidate for Arizona State Treasurer, is arguably already more accomplished at predatory and corrupt financial dealings than any of the others. 

May he never get the chance to add "publicly-elected treasurer" to the list of things that he has in common with Schweikert, Martin, and Petersen, and may Schweikert not get the chance to take his brand of vulturism to D.C.

We need more public servants in public office, not more predators using public office for their private gain.

Vote for Andrei Cherny and Harry Mitchell.

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