Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The most fortunate man in America: One violent teabagger

A video of a violent assault of a member at a Rand Paul event has been going viral on the internet and cable news.

That video -

Turns out that the three most important factors in politically-motivated violence are the same as in the real estate business - location, location, location.

The perp is fortunate tonight - in Kentucky, he faces only misdemeanor charges.

In Massachusetts (where I was born and grew up), a shod foot (what the Paul supporter used on the head of the woman as she lay pinned to the ground) is considered a "dangerous" weapon under the law, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (ABDW) is a felony that could earn the perp upwards of a decade in state prison.

Of course, that may be a better option for the attacker and his ilk than in Arizona - we've got some of the weakest-ass laws in existence regarding the application of deadly force in self-defense of the defense of another, thanks to Russell Pearce.

One of the attacker's fellow tea party types. God I love the irony there...

Basically, under Arizona law, you can shoot your neighbor for sneezing. (Yeah, that's a bit of hyperbole.  But only a bit.  Read the statutes.)

And to top it off, the perp, a (now-former) county coordinator for the Rand Paul campaign named Tim Profitt, is now demanding an apology from the woman he assaulted.

For what, daring to soil the bottom of his shoe with her scalp?

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