Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Brewer too ill too serve a full term?

I wasn't going to cover this, because it is just a rumor (at this point), and also because I figure her health is her business.

However, her campaign as gone beyond the pale and trotted out a quarter-century-old rumor about Terry Goddard being gay (and only Republicans would counter questions about their candidate's fitness for the job with a rumor about their opponent's sexual orientation).

From John Dougherty, via Blog for Arizona -
There are persistent reports from reliable sources that Gov. Jan Brewer is seriously ill and may not be capable of finishing a four-year term. The public has a right to know about her physical fitness now, not after Nov. 2.
I realize that some may chalk all this up to "just politics" but it illustrates the desperation of the Brewer camp - the election can't come soon enough for them.  They've realized that she has maxed out her support among the electorate and can only go down.  The latest poll shows that while she has a solid lead among likely voters, she and Goddard are in a statistical tie among all voters.

Anything that could motivate some "likely voters" to stay home or motivate some of those who had previously planned to sit this one out to jump in would spell disaster for Brewer (and the lobbyists advising her whose clients benefit from her policies).

While the rumors about her health are just that at this point, rumors, a candidate's ability to serve in the job that they are running for is a legitimate concern.  By responding to that concern with a slur (I'm pretty sure they didn't mean "Terry Goddard is gay" as a compliment), they run the risk of alienating "swing" or Independent voters, and also of pushing some of the Obama voters from 2008 who were staying home this year into the fray.

The worst part (for the Brewer camp, anyway) is that particular slur will only appeal to voters who weren't going to vote for Goddard anyway.

So to all that I say...

Thank you, Chuck Coughlin.

BTW - Wouldn't Coughlin's time have been better spent figuring out how to spin Arizona's status as the third-worst run state in the country into something positive for his boss?  Just sayin'...


annie oakley said...

Passing this along without any substantiation is inappropriate. Jan Brewer is doing a fantastic job. We are proud of her and the stand she is taking. She is going to win and win big.

cpmaz said...

Inappropriate? Anybody who witnessed the one debate would disagree.

More to the point of the post, what was wholly inappropriate was Coughlin's response.

It was bigoted, spiteful, and to be blunt, less substantial than questions about Brewer's health (which have been floating around for a while).

She may yet win in November, but her and her "advisers" are totally wrong for Arizona.

Ann said...


This story actually broke last month on Psychology Today: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-media-zone/201009/governor-brewers-pregnant-16-seconds-humiliating-fame

The article raises very good points, including this one:

"Supporting a candidate who is otherwise medically and/or physically unqualified to hold office would be most undemocratic, un-American and cynical thing to do. The news media owes it to the voters of Arizona to uncover the truth and act responsibly."

Then the Brewer campaingn's response to questions about her fitness, in my mind, kind of proves the old addage, "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

‎"Brewer has a commanding lead, and this smacks as a desperation tactic," said one Arizona Republican. "It's mystifying."