Friday, September 10, 2010

A little light reading for a quiet Friday night

...and no, it's not all going to be about partisan politics...

...During a week filled with anti-Muslim hysteria in Florida and a summer filled with anti-Muslim rhetoric emanating from New York City, CNN brings us a story that shows that not all Muslims are plane-hijacking fanatics and not all non-Muslim Americans are hate-mongering demagogues.

From the story -

2 Muslims travel 13,000 miles across America, find an embracing nation

The blue Chevy Cobalt broke down amid the mountains of Montana in an area where there was no cell phone reception. The Muslims in the car, on a cross-country journey for the holy month of Ramadan, approached a bushy-bearded fisherman.

It would be another test of a question they wondered when they first set off from New York three weeks earlier: Is America still the accepting nation that embraced our forebears or has it reached a new level of intolerance?

...For those of you who need to be reminded about Tom Horne's financial "indiscretions."  Horne is the Republican nominee for Arizona Attorney General.  The Securities and Exchange Commission isn't one of his biggest fans.

...Not reading, per se, but still great entertainment to close out a Friday -


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