Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hypocrisy, thy name is Brewer

Yes, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of examples to choose from to support the headline.  I'm going to go with the most recent example...

From the Arizona Republic (emphasis mine) -
Gov. Jan Brewer and the director of Science Foundation Arizona this morning told assembled scientists from around the world that Arizona will become a center for research and production for algae fuels.

In announcing $4 million in grants and matching funds from government and industry, Brewer said the investment could produce billions of dollars for the state and millions of gallons of fuel.

Brewer said the state will commit $2 million in discretionary federal stimulus to the research center, which will be matched by a like amount in industry investment marshalled by Arizona State University and the Science Foundation.

This is nothing new for Brewer - she has steadily opposed even the existence of any federal effort to stimulate the economy, but has repeatedly (and gleefully) claimed credit for doling out stimulus money that she has denounced.

Denounced everywhere except in her campaign's press releases.

More background on Brewer's two-faced approached to federal stimulus money here.

Edit to add:

Turns out great minds think alike, and greater minds do some deeper research.

From a press release from the Arizona Democratic Party, a list of examples of Brewer's crowing about doling out stimulus money that she opposes, from just since the beginning of August -
Last 6 weeks of Brewer press releases taking credit for job creation from stimulus funding:

Aug. 11 “Governor Jan Brewer and City of Surprise Welcome Rioglass Solar to Arizona” ($10.6 million)

Aug. 16 “Governor Jan Brewer Announces Energy Innovation Grants” ($3.4 million)

Aug. 17 “Governor Jan Brewer Announces Success in Obtaining College Access Challenge Grant to Aid Low-Income Students” ($2.9 million)

Aug. 17 “Governor Jan Brewer Hails Success in Securing Funding for Arizona Forest Restoration Initiative”  ($2 million)

Aug. 26 "Governor Jan Brewer Announces $2.7 Million in Grants for Renewable Energy Manufacturers" ($2.7 million)

Aug. 27 "Governor Jan Brewer Adds Funding Support for Public Safety" ($10 million)

Sept. 3 “Governor Jan Brewer Announces Energy Awards for Rural Communities” ($2.7 million)

Sept. 8 “Governor Jan Brewer Establishes Rural Business Council Focused on Job Growth in Rural Areas”  ($2 million)

Sept. 13 “Governor Jan Brewer Announces Economic Aid for Rural Counties” ($2.5 million)

Sept. 14 “Governor Jan Brewer Announces Broadband Award” ($39.2 million)

Sept. 16 “Governor Jan Brewer Announces Funding for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”

($0.1 million)

Sept. 28 “Governor Jan Brewer Dedicates Funding to Advance Algae Technologies and Innovations” ($2 million)

Total: $80.1 million

End edit...

Oh, and assuming that the Rs retain control of the Arizona legislature after November's election, expect them to look for a way seize "sweep" Science Foundation Arizona's funds in a "budget-balancing" move.  They've attacked SFAz before and will do so again until they are successful in finding a way to destroy it.

No matter how foolish their actions, pushing an ideology trumps serving the public for these folks, from Brewer on down.

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