Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Don't serious candidates at least vote for themselves?

Steve May, the former Republican legislator who is running in District 17 (Tempe/south Scottsdale) for state representative, has been insisting that the Tempe homeless folks that he recruited to run as Green Party write-in candidates are *serious* candidates who deserve the Arizona Green Party's support.

From the blog of Luisa Evonne Valdez, a legitimate Green candidate in LD15, a Facebook "conversation" she had with May -
Steve May

Luisa, i can't speak for all of them....but the five guys I helped were not Republicans. They are legitimate candidates and will be wonderful assets to your party. You guys should be supporting them.
Well, the Maricopa County Recorder's Office has posted both the summary vote totals for "official" write-in candidates as well as the precinct-by-precinct totals for each of those candidates.
The summary page just lists the net vote totals in Maricopa County for each candidate.  Among the suspect "Green" candidates, the leading vote-getters were Thomas Meadows (running for State Treasurer) at 21 votes and Michelle Lochmann (Secretary of State) at 17.  Most of the other candidates received between 1 and 4 votes.
What was interesting was the way the precinct totals broke down.  While the specific names of those voters who cast their ballots for the faux-Greens cannot be divined from the precinct-by-precinct totals, one can tell who *didn't* vote for them.
- Ryan Blackman, a write-in for CD5, and Clint Clement, LD17 State Rep, same committee address which is the voter registration address for Clement.  That address is located in the Salt River precinct in south Scottsdale.
Grand totals of their votes from their own precinct -
- Anthony "Grandpa" Goshorn, write-in candidate for LD17 State Senator, registration address in the Paiute precinct in Scottsdale.
Grand total of votes for him from his own precinct -
- Drew Blischak, write-in candidate for LD20 State Rep, registration address in the Bullmoose precinct in Chandler.
Grand total of votes from his own precinct -
- Benjamin Pearcy, write-in candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission, registration address in the Tempe 25 precinct.
Grand total of votes from his own precinct -
A number of the candidates gave an unclear address, meaning that the address of 420 S. Mill Ave. is considered an "invalid address" by the "district locator" function of the Maricopa County Recorder's Office's website.   However, looking at a map of the district, that address will be in either the Tempe 5 or Tempe 6 precincts.
Grand total of votes for the faux-Greens in those precincts -
May and the Republicans can issue all the protestations of innocence that they want, but it's becoming ever clearer that most of the candidates that they enticed to run as Greens not only don't take being a member of the Green Party seriously, they don't take their own candidacies seriously.
Nor do they even take basic civic responsibilities, like voting, seriously.


Richard said...

I liked this in today's Arizona Daily Star article about the brouhaha:

The Green Party is supporting the Democratic effort, said Erik Andersen, a spokesman for the party. Andersen said he would have preferred to get the candidates off the ballot instead of launching a criminal investigation. The ballot, however, will be printed soon after Sept. 7, said Matt Benson, secretary of state spokesman.

The concern, Andersen said, "is that it will confuse the voter. If they run as Green candidates and their platforms are 360 degrees from the party they're claiming to represent, then it makes the party look bad."

The party released a list of endorsed candidates, which it said will ensure voters that "these candidates have met our standards and are not carpetbaggers or opportunists trying to hijack our ballot line."

Um, "360 degrees"?

Since I've endorsed the Arizona Green Party's Ten Key Values, I guess my platform is 360 degrees from theirs.

Now I understand why I wasn't endorsed. They couldn't do the math.

Luisa Evonne Valdez for House of Representatives, LD15 said...

Thanks for the posting, correction though, I am in district 15. Great information on the voting stats or lack there of!

cpmaz said...


Apologies for the typo. It's been corrected.

BTW - caught the performance of Larry Gist at Wednesday night's debate for candidates for Governor.

He's not really a Green, is he?

Lauren said...

Thanks for your good investigative work, which makes good fodder for the ADP lawsuit against May and Weir's alleged voter fraud.