Thursday, September 16, 2010

David Schweikert has a remarkably low opinion of AZRep reporters

...Of course, he probably has an even lower opinion of wiseass bloggers. :)

From YouTube -

I was going to title this post "Whatthehell was he thinking?", but I understand that Schweikert was on a radio talk show of the "preaching to the choir" variety.  Still, he is smart enough to know that *nothing* that is recorded (video or audio) ever really goes away.

Should make for an interesting conversation when he and Congressman Harry Mitchell sit down with the Rep's editorial board...


Alicia said...

Doesn't matter, Harry Mitchell is toast. He's trying desperately to run to the right, but it's over. Schweikert is 12 points ahead of him., due to Miitchell's voting record which has been lockstep with Pelosi and the Obama administration. He voted for Obamacare, some of the TARP
bailouts, and cardcheck. He doesn't support SB1070, which is even more popular in Arizona
than it is in the rest of the country. He's ignored the nonstop Tea Party protests outside
his office, he doesn’t represent his Republican-leaning district. He is completely bought
and paid for by the unions


With early ballots going out in the mail in a couple of weeks, there is virtually no way Mitchell can catch up to Schweikert, there are too few undecided voters. The national Dems
just announced they won't be spending any money on his race, and the AFL-CIO and other labor
unions have also decided not to spend any money on Arizona Congressional races. Whereas the
NRCC is pouring money into the race to help Schweikert, along with the Club for Growth and independent expenditure committees like the 60 Plus Association. Thanks to 60+, Schweikert has more TV ads playing now than Mitchell. I predict Schweikert wins by close to double

cpmaz said...

Alicia, with all due respect, Harry Mitchell doesn't run to the right or left. He runs to the Harry.

In Congress, he votes the way that he thinks is in the best interests of his district.

I haven't always agreed with him on what was in "the best interests of his district" but I've never doubted his sincerity or his integrity.

Does that mean that most of the time, he votes with Nancy Pelosi? Yup.

Of course, so does most of the House, even the Republicans. I think John Shadegg (hardly a Pelosi ally) has voted with Pelosi 70% of the time (that number could be a litte off - I haven't checked that one since he announced his retirement).

Harry Mitchell votes with Pelosi a little over 80% of the time, making him the 4th or 6th most independent Democrat in the House.

As for SB1070, I don't know his position on it. Of course, given that it is a state law, not a federal one, he probably hasn't taken a position on it. Nor should he so long as it isn't before Congress.