Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arizona Republic blasts Steve May and the AZGOP over faux Greens

From an editorial in the Arizona Republic -
Beware of May's, Pullen's phony Green candidates

Steve May, a Republican activist once considered someone worth taking seriously, has performed the second-most obnoxious act of this election season.

May recruited a group of at least nine people, nearly all identified as Mill Avenue drifters and homeless people, as fake Green Party candidates - ballot place-holders who May hopes might steal votes from legitimate Democratic Party candidates, thus improving the chances of GOP opponents.


So, illegal? No. Obnoxious? Certainly. But it was not the most obnoxious act of the political season.

No, the dubious award for Misplaced Chutzpah in a General Election Cycle goes this year to Randy Pullen and the Arizona Republican Party. Pullen and the party not only did not have the decency to be embarrassed by May's chicanery, they defended it.


Steve May, Randy Pullen and the rest of their band of merry pranksters may be willing to pretend that toying with voters is all in good fun. We suspect the rest of Arizona takes its democracy more seriously than that.

It's a pretty strong condemnation of May and the AZGOP by the Rep's editorial board, far stronger than anything that they usually put out regarding Republicans.  I don't expect that to be part of a pattern (even when the Rs wholly deserve it, as frequently happens) because the AZRep doesn't like messing with the status quo power structure, and the AZGOP is that in Arizona. 

However, I'll savor this moment while it lasts.


Thane Eichenauer said...

I personally wonder whose side is Steve May on. The Republicans? The Greens? The Democrats?

Steve May has garnered multiple front page mentions on the Arizona Republic and has been featured in the New York Times!

May certainly has a fair chance of being elected just on the name recognition the Arizona Republic and the Democratic Party has provided to him. He should send them a thank you note after election day.

Lauren said...

Thane, I think you underestimate the Tempe and S. Scottsdale voters. They know a charlatan when they see one.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I don't worry about those voters who research their choices.

The Republican CD-3 primary where two people (Moak and Quayle) won the most votes neither of which had been a blip on the political radar screen a year ago makes me think that more voters pay attention to ads and coverage in the media than they do what position a person has.