Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jan Brewer admits that SB1070 is bad for Arizona...

...but instead of using her words to do it, she's using our money...

From ABC15's website -
The state hopes a public relations agency can convince people to travel to Arizona despite concerns they might have about the state’s immigration law.

The Arizona Governor’s Task Force on Tourism and Economic Vitality hired HMA Public Relations to come up with a campaign to help tackle any negative backlash caused by Senate Bill 1070.
The PR firm's press release on the subject is here.

It turns out that the $100K contract is for outreach to "traditional media relations in targeted domestic markets as well as Mexico City and Northern Mexico." (emphasis mine)

Jan and her clan have spent months (hell, *years*) demonizing Mexicans and anybody with skin that is a shade other than lily-white, and now that she has figured out that perhaps her kowtowing to the nativist wing of her base has done severe damage to Arizona's national and international image, she wants to spend our money to clean up her mess?

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