Friday, August 20, 2010

AZ employment figures stagnant; Brewer silent.

On AZ's economic situation, as with the (formerly) escaped murderers, Brewer continues her silence, perhaps hoping the problem will go away before she has to demonstrate anything resembling real leadership...or even a simple awareness of the problems facing the average Arizona family.

From the Yuma Sun -
The troubled economy continues to take its toll on jobs in Yuma County, as seen in the area's 22.8 percent unemployment rate for July released Thursday by the Arizona Department of Commerce.

That compares to 22.6 percent in June and 20.6 percent in July 2009.

Arizona's unemployment rate remained flat at 9.6 percent for the third consecutive month, according to the Department of Commerce's monthly nonfarm seasonally adjusted unemployment report. Since February, the state's rate has fluctuated only a tenth of a percentage point.

Nationally, the rate remained 9.5 percent.
On her websites...

- The official Governor's website doesn't mention the news at all.

- Her campaign website doesn't mention the current news either.  In fact, in her list of issues that she considers most important to her campaign, "jobs" is eighth on the list behind things like restricting a woman's access to legal abortions, shrinking the size of government, reducing or eliminating regulations that corporations have to follow, and, of course, demonizing those "darn immigrants."

In fact, the only things lower on her list of priorities are fighting against healthcare reform and protecting education and public safety - like anyone who hasn't watched her in action for the last 18+ months hasn't already figured out that students, teachers, cops and firefighters are last on her priority list (but hey, they are first on her s#!t "do not like" list.)

In short, her list of "priorities" is a shout out to her corporate supporters and to the nativist/misogynist wings of the GOP.

Contrast this with Terry Goddard, the Democratic candidate for Governor.

Number one on his list of priorities is jobs.  Full plan here.   Press release on Goddard's economic recovery plan here.

Number two on the list is education.  Full plan here.

What else is on the list?

Issues that face and affect all Arizonans.

What isn't on the list?

Anything designed to troll for corporate campaign contributions or to appeal to the basest, most extreme factions of the political base.

Maybe the first step in doing a job, any job, well is to *want* to do the job well.

Only one of Arizona's candidates for Governor wants to do the job well, or even cares to do it well.

Vote for Terry Goddard in November.

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