Monday, July 19, 2010

Truth time: I want JD Hayworth to win the R nomination for U.S. Senate

It may seem, to casual readers anyway, that someone as socially liberal and politically supportive of good government would despise self-centered, loud-mouthed blowhards in public office.

And I do.  Thoroughly.

However, there are two reasons that I prefer that Hayworth gain the nomination.

1.  He is far more beatable in the general election than McCain.  To be sure, Hayworth's candidacy has weakened McCain, but he is still a formidable opponent.  Hayworth, on the other hand, lost his last election in 2006 to Harry Mitchell.  His big mistake then was that he was himself - loud, annoying, and extreme, without an understanding of real issues or the needs of his constituents.  All that has changed since then is that Hayworth has gotten louder, more annoying, and moved ever further to the right politically, and still has a tin ear on matters of substance.

2.  In the tragic event that Hayworth wins the general, as a writer, I would have a silver lining.

I would get the chance to coin and use the term "filibluster" to describe Hayworth's primary public actions in office.

OK, I won't really be the one coining it (it's already in use to describe the various R moves to block extended UI benefits and more), but still... :)

It doesn't speak well of me, but I'm really not sure which reason is more important to me.  :))

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I don't think Hayworth is any more or less beatable than McCain. All that being said Jim Deakin is a better choice than the other two.