Monday, July 26, 2010

More fun with signs...

Keeping up with the theme of the last post...

It seems as if the Republicans really have their claws out for each other this year.

This sign was spotted at the intersection of Rio Salado Parkway and Priest Drive in Tempe, in the heart of CD5.

Note the add-on banner in the upper left portion of the sign.
Which would be fine in a "I'm not going to vote for him anyway, so even that doesn't lower my opinion of him" sort of way, except for one thing -

Ward has never held elected office, much less a seat in the Arizona legislature.  He never had the opportunity to co-sponsor and vote for SB1070.

To be fair to Mr. Ward, I don't actually believe his campaign added the false statement to his sign.  Yes, every R in the state is trying to jump on the nativist bandwagon, but even they hesitate at such a blatant lie...

...OK, they don't hesitate to lie so much as they hesitate to be *caught* lying, and that one is very easily debunked.

On the other hand, they don't hesitate to be caught lying, when they can make it look like someone else is doing the lying.

And the Schweikert campaign is also using the add-on banner gimmick on their signs, with the same white lettering on a red background.


BTW - As of this afternoon anyway, the banner on the sign pictured above has been changed to "Endorsed by Congressman John Shadegg.".

BTW2 - The campaign claws are out and boy are they sharp this cycle.  There are a huge number of pro-Schweikert trolls (or one pasty-complexioned one with absolutely no life) posting praise for Schweikert and criticism of Ward on all of the R blogs and many of the AZRep articles covering the CD5 primary.  Given the amount of personal wealth that Schweikert, Ward, and a couple of the others have invested in the race to challenge Democratic incumbent Harry Mitchell, look for things to get even nastier than sign games and troll droppings.

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