Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More candidate updates...

Edit later on 7/28 to update school board race info...

The Maricopa County Recorder's office has posted a list of candidates who have submitted petitions for non-partisan general election races.  The list is incomplete as the deadline for submitting petitions for those races is August 4.

Highlights (so far):

There are 6 candidates so far for the 5 open seats on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD), better known as the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Project.

One candidate, Tim Bray, is a current member of the Board.  The other five who have already submitted petitions are challengers.  The sig requirement for the race is 200.  Most of the candidates gathered 350 - 720, except for challenger Arif Kazmi, a career engineer. 

He submitted over 1700. 

The next highest total so far is from Frank Fairbanks, the former City Manager of Phoenix.  He submitted a total of 714 sigs.

Anyway, no list of school board candidates is up yet.  I'm not sure if the County Recorder will list those or if that's left to each individual district.

Updates when available.

Edit on 7/28 -

Apparently, I'm not the only one whose mind turned toward some of the down-ballot races in the last day or so.  The Arizona Republic has a piece on its website regarding the high number of potential school board candidates in the Kyrene and Tempe Union High School districts.

That piece led to the website of the Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, which contains a list of candidates who have submitted paperwork so far.

End edit...

In other news:

...There's been one *really* late withdrawal, this one from the race for the state senate seat in LD19 (East Mesa).  James Molina dropped out of the Republican primary there, leaving an all but clear path to the seat for current state rep Rich Crandall (R).  There is one Libertarian write-in candidate who has declared for the seat, but even if he qualifies for the November ballot, Crandall should cruise to the victory (no D is in the race).

Wouldn't it be embarrassing if Crandall lost the race to someone who wasn't even in it?  It's theoretically possible, as ballots have already been printed.  Even though he has dropped out of the race, Molina's name still appears on the ballot.

...The Brewer campaign is already taking a victory lap in the R gubernortorial primary, as they are refusing to participate in any debates with her lone remaining challenger in the R primary, Matthew Jette.

...On Monday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will appoint someone to fill the seat of the ousted Doug Quelland (R-LD10) in the AZ House of Representatives.  The possible choices are: Kimberly Yee, Francine Romeburg, and Henry Grosjean.  I don't know anything about any of them other than Yee, who is a candidate in August's primary.  According to the Arizona Guardian (subscription required), Jan Brewer is supporting Yee for the appointment, which means she is probably completely unqualified for the spot.

While Quelland has been removed from the lege, he remains a candidate for election to the next lege.

Some might think this is a meaningless appointment as the lege's session has ended, and it may yet prove to be so.  However, there is a persistent rumor that there will be a special session after the elections in November to railroad through the Reps' corporate tax cuts bill. 

Which may explain Brewer's push for a pet candidate.


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Thane Eichenauer said...

William Munsil AKA Len Munsil's uncle might just prevail. It is all up to the choice of the voters.