Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jon Kyl wants to drag the entire US into the same fiscal abyss that Arizona is in

Ummm...in case that anyone has forgotten (and apparently, Kyl has), blindly and irresponsibly cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy while not addressing the issue of reduced revenue (aka - "paying for the cuts") is what has led to the generational budget deficit that is destroying Arizona's future...and present.

ThinkProgress coverage here.

Ezra Klein coverage in the Washington Post here.


Sean said...

Guess I know who has bought his happy self .... It continues to amaze me that, in a state with a median income in the bottom 40 %, we continue to elect such outright elitists. Kyl could care less about 95% of the State; and has proven it time and time again.

That's why I must give praise to D. Armey and all the old school conservatives for working such a beautiful propaganda campaign and sucking disaffected tea baggers to the right. It's disgusting, vile and reeks of the lack of original thought, but when you can Walmart politics, you gotta give 'em credit.

tempe turley said...

"You do need to offset the cost of increased spending. You never should have to offset the costs of the deliberate decision to implement cuts on tax rates for Americans ..."

That kind of ideology is so frustrating for me to hear when they have been brutally critical on Obama for growing our deficit.

I want them to say specifically which programs they are willing to cut to offset tax cuts. Republicans never seem to have to ask that specific question. Kyle here totally sidestepped it pretending that tax increases are the only way to offset tax cuts

Either that or he was fine growing the deficit through tax cuts but not fine growing the deficit by stopping unemployment benefits.

I would just love to see a little honesty in these debates.