Friday, July 30, 2010

Jan Brewer wants to tweak

...and no matter what one might think after watching the Capitol for the year-and-a-half that she's been ensconced on the 9th floor, it's not the "tweaking" of the crystal meth-induced hallucinatory variety*.

We think not, anyway.

From the AZ Rep's Political Insider -
With Judge Susan Bolton's injunction Wednesday against several key sections of Senate Bill 1070, some legal experts are predicting the law's most controversial provisions will never go into effect.

Appearing on "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" Thursday night, Gov. Jan Brewer said she had been in contact with legislative leaders Thursday to discuss making changes to the bill...


"And there is a possibility that we might have to do a little tweaking. And I have been in contact today with the president of the Senate, President (Bob) Burns, and the speaker of the House, Speaker Kirk Adams, to get together and determine just exactly what it is maybe we might be able to do to tweak the bill to give them a little bit more satisfaction so that it would weigh more favorably on behalf of the state of Arizona."
Terry Goddard has spent his time in office fighting for Arizona and Arizonans, whether working to undermine smuggling cartels' finances or by protecting Luke Air Force Base and the jobs associated with it.  (Successfully, I might add.)

Jan Brewer has spent her time in office fighting for bigotry and nativists, whether working her way into the good graces of nativists by demonizing immigrants or by protecting the interests of private prisons and their lobbyists populating her senior staff.

And that will be Arizona's choice come November -

Goddard's lifetime of professionalism and public service, or Brewer's grandstanding and abuse of office.

* = Though I must say that after nearly four years of watching and writing about the likes of Pearce, Gould, Harper, et. al. in action, mandatory drug testing for Arizona's elected officials might be in order.

Just sayin'...

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