Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buh bye, Buz

From the Arizona Capitol Times -
After spending $3.2 million of his own money on his campaign, Northern Arizona businessman Buz Mills bowed out of the governor’s race, leaving Jan Brewer virtually unopposed in the Republican primary.


Mills said he dropped out due to the way S1070 shifted the public’s focus to illegal immigration and away from the economic and tax issues that formed the foundation of his campaign. The strict new illegal immigration law, which Brewer signed on April 23, gave Brewer a tremendous boost in the polls.
“SB 1070 has regrettably taken the focus off of job creation and fixing the state budget. So even though the chasm between Brewer’s policies and mine is dramatic, SB 1070 has politically mitigated those issues. I have therefore decided to suspend the campaign,” Mills said in a press statement.
No word yet if Jan Brewer has yet thanked Russell Pearce for his clearing the Republican field for her...

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