Saturday, June 26, 2010

So.....exactly who is running for office here?

And what office is he running for?

aka - "More fun with signs..."

The particulars -

The main part of the sign (the red part with Montgomery's name) is 2 ft. by 8 ft. (16 sq. ft. area)

The "add-on" banner at the top (the yellow part with Arpaio's name) is 1 ft. by 8 ft. (8 sq. ft. area)

Total - 24 sq. ft. of signage.

In other words, a full third of Montgomery's sign is devoted to another officeholder.

The font of the word "Sheriff" in the top part of the sign is roughly three times larger than that of "Maricopa County Attorney" in the bottom part, yet that is the office that Montgomery is supposed to be running for.

In fact, given that the sign is located on a busy street (Baseline near Priest, in Tempe) and will be seen mostly by drivers moving by at 35 - 45 mph, about the only readable parts of the sign are "Endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio" and "Bill Montgomery."

If only for truth's sake, perhaps he would be better off declaring himself a candidate for the office of "Joe's best buddy."

Because based on this sign, the office of Maricopa County Attorney is far down Bill Montgomery's priority list.

BTW - a request/suggestion for the Montgomery campaign -

In 2006, you folks had the brilliant idea of hiring undocumented immigrants to appear in an anti-undocumented immigrants TV spot. It didn't work out so well for you (Terry Goddard won reelection as Attorney General), but you shouldn't give up trying.

This time, how about a TV spot that is anti- "sane legislators who can actually balance a budget without resorting to debt that we aren't supposed to call "debt", accounting tricks, and prayers that the economy will turn around before they are forced to enact responsible fiscal policies"?

It seems that your first ad only encouraged undocumented immigrants to stay; maybe the second will have the same effect on sane legislators.

Just sayin'...

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