Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Republican candidate for Governor proposes concentration camps for undocumented immigrants

No word if he wants to put "Work will set you free" above the entrance to his proposed facilities...

From AZCentral.com -
State treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dean Martin is calling for the immediate deployment of National Guard troops to the border at Arizona's expense.

He's also calling for a statewide "tent city" jail modeled after Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail in Maricopa County to house arrested illegal immigrants at low cost.
Martin has been an also-ran in the attention department during his campaign, getting lost in the shadows of Jan Brewer's "incumbent Governor" pulpit and "Buz" Mills' TV ads funded by his own deep pockets, so Martin has been looking for some way to gain attention.

This proposal is guaranteed to get him some, though he may not like the kind of attention he receives.


Thane Eichenauer said...

"Concentration camps"? Exaggeration will get your words and views discounted.

I am not any fan of any tent city in Arizona.

For a candidate who like to claim he runs an efficient government ship it is disappointing that Martin is taking clues from Joe Arpaio (how much does Maricopa County's insurance cost this year?)

cpmaz said...

Thane, believe it or not, I hope you are right when you call my words an exaggeration.

However, based on the escalating rhetoric, the growing number of anti-brown skin laws, and the increasingly punitive nature of proposed laws, right now, I'm not sure that there was any exaggeration.

BTW - The cynic in me is pretty sure that the Martin camp smiled when they read the headline and piece - "concentration camps" will gain them some support in the R primary.

Desert Beacon said...

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse in the Civil Rights Department in AZ. Oh my, we have to all hope this is an exaggeration and not another instance of the underbelly of AZ's GOP.