Friday, June 18, 2010

Candidate challenges update: Shaw out, Cheuvront out; Huppenthal in

Only a couple of challenges remain unresolved, but most of the "big" ones have been adjudicated -

- Augustus Shaw, Republican House candidate in LD17, is OFF the ballot for a minor technicality - he lives in LD20. OK, so that's not so minor. :)

- John Huppenthal, Republican candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction is ON the ballot after a judge found that even though the applicable law states that a candidate must form a campaign committee before collecting nomination signatures, the fact that Huppenthal collected sigs under only an "exploratory" committee is not a violation.

- Democrat Ken Cheuvront, a term-limited state senator (LD15) and candidate for Justice of the Peace in the Encanto justice precinct in Phoenix, is OFF of the ballot for using non-partisan petitions to gain the ballot in a partisan primary. His removal from the ballot leaves only incumbent Encanto JP C. Steven McMurry on the ballot.

There are a couple of challenges remaining; once those are heard next week, the final list of ballot-qualified candidates will be available.

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