Friday, May 14, 2010

Harry Mitchell's bill to freeze Congressional pay signed into law by the President

Lost in the hyperpartisan hubbub of election-year posturing across the state and country ("Hayworth this!" "McCain that!", etc.) has been the workmanlike job turned in by CD5's Congressman, Harry Mitchell.

Whether it is tirelessly advocating for America's veterans (including calling out the VA for its lackluster performance of its own job) or simply recognizing a long-time colleague in public service on his retirement, Mitchell's work in Congress has been the definition of "good government."

"Good government" may not be as sexy as the "health care reform" package that passed Congress earlier this year or as incendiary as police state bill "immigration reform" bill that passed the Arizona legislature last month, but it is the most important part of elected officials' jobs.

Note to Tea Party/Republican types: imagine reading that sentence with "sexy" and "incendiary" switched. That sentence will still work for you. :)

Today's signing of H.R. 5146 is part of that pattern of good government. It garnered bipartisan support (79 cosponsors from both sides of the aisle, including conservative icons Jeff Flake and Ron Paul, and overwhelming support when the measure reached the floor - 402-15 in the House, unanimous in the Senate).

In a statement on the signing, Mitchell said -
"To raise Congressional pay at a time when so many families are still struggling to make ends meet would be unconscionable and glaringly out of touch. I am pleased that President Obama has signed this bipartisan legislation into law. This sends an important message. The American people are not getting a raise this year and neither should Congress."

While some might deride Mitchell's bill as an election year stunt, it should be remembered that he has proposed the same measure every year since entering Congress. This was no stunt, just Harry doing his job.

Mitchell's full statement on today's signing here.

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