Monday, May 03, 2010

Found a good way to tick off nativists

Remind them that legislators are elected to represent *all* of their constituents, not just the white ones.

Yesterday, the Arizona Republic ran an article speculating that Arizona is primed to gain one or even two seats in Congress after the 2010 Census.

Given the combination of the economic downturn in AZ, the raging paranoia of the "head for the hills, it's the Black Helicopters!" crowd in AZ, and the intimidation of Hispanic residents into not responding to the Census, I think we'll be lucky to gain even one seat, and losing one isn't beyond the realm of possiblity.

Anyway, the comments section of the article was interesting. One commenter, "WVWhiteGuy," took issue with Congressman Raul Grijalva's criticisms of the recently-enacted police state law targeting Hispanics.

I responded with -
"Grijalva's job is to represent the interests of his constituents. And even though you and Russell Pearce and the rest of the nativists may disagree, that includes the interests of constituents born with skin that is darker than lily-white."

Apparently, this concept offends a certain element of Arizona society.

The replies to my comment included pearls of wisdom and tolerance like "Grijalva thinks his constituents are Mexican nationales" and he "gives far more support to illegals than he does to ALL of his district constituents."

And in what I think is a personal record for one of my comments, the comment has received 24 "thumbs down"...and counting. :)

Ahhhh...ticking off nativists. A good way to start a week.



the said...

YES! Excellent work. And thanks, as always, for your cogent posts. Go get 'em!

me said...

Rock on, friend!