Monday, April 26, 2010

Why don't I think this will lessen the calls for an economic boycott of Arizona?

Should've covered this last week, but I was busy at the time the news broke (as were most of us). However, the SPLC picked it up and refreshed my memory...

From the Arizona Daily Star -

Tired of watching smugglers and other illegal border crossers walk past, the Cochise County Militia is planning to form a paramilitary squad with permission to confront them.

Bill Davis, who founded the group in 2001, said in an email to supporters Monday that the militia would be forming a "private military company."

" We will be forming a PMC - (Private Military Company) - completely legal!!! - We can be considered paramilitary, but not vigilantes, mercenaries, etc."
Probably not a coincidence that Cochise County is where Russell Pearce wants to appropriate state money to fund a "volunteer security force" to hunt immigrants (HB2162, up for final approval in the Senate today).

Anyway, calls for organizing an economic boycott of Arizona may not be necessary - between the newly-enacted laws turning AZ into a police state ("Gimme your papers!"), into a place where maniacs can carry concealed weapons without a permit, background check, or even basic safety training, and the above, the formation of paramilitary hate groups operating under the imprimatur of state approval, most potential visitors will consider AZ an unsafe place for their companies, families, and selves, and they'll reach that understanding on their own.

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