Friday, April 16, 2010

Turns out the reps of Joe Arpaio and Scottsdale both travel well

Had a bit of an ego boost this week.

A writer for (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) linked to an old post of mine when writing about the city manager there. Turns out that George Gretsas, the city manager in question, is a finalist for the same job in Scottsdale.

After enjoying the ego boost of the link (and the increased site traffic), I read the article and the comments accompanying it.

Most of them were as expected ("Gretsas is great/lousy", "Scottsdale is lucky/screwed", etc.) and similar can be found on almost any MSM website with a similar story.

A couple of them were eye-openers, however.

From commenter Trudy -
Trust me Georgie will fit right in in Snotsdale. Toodles
"Snotsdale"? I think she may have visited AZ once or twice, because I've only heard that one from natives.

From commenter Robert Walsh (the typos/spelling errors and poor sentence construction are his) -
Scottsdale Arizonia is a beautiful City.Good luck Mr.Gretsas with this process.I have been to Scottsdale very wealthy community.Very pretty city and I.m sure you would be an assest to Scottsdale-Only one proplem if I come to visit that Sheriff out there if this is Maricopa County. that Sheriff is wacked-Anyways if he wants it I hope he gets it

Be still my beating heart. I think he is talking about our own Joe Arpaio.

"Snotsdale" and "wacked", accurate criticisms from a state that can't design an understandable ballot or count ballots once they are cast.

I'd say we've hit rock bottom, but the Rs in the lege might read this, view it as a challenge, and break out their shovels.


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