Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Schapira first to file signatures in LD17

Press release time (via email) -
Schapira First to File in District 17

TEMPE - David Schapira has filed enough petition signatures with the Secretary of State’s office to qualify as a candidate for the State Senate race in District 17. He is the first candidate in District 17 of either party in either the House or Senate races to qualify. Schapira, a Clean Elections participating candidate, also filed more than the requisite number of $5 qualifying contributions in order to run under Arizona’s Clean Elections system.

An Arizona native, Schapira has drawn on his experience as a teacher and small business owner to serve Tempe and south Scottsdale for two terms in the State House of Representatives. He has received commendation as one of six “Lawmakers Who Made a Difference” and one of five “Emerging Leaders Worth Watching” by the Arizona Republic. He aims to bring his effective, pragmatic approach as a leader to the State Senate.

“I am honored by the way that petitions and contributions poured in from people all over Tempe and south Scottsdale. The people of our state are hungry for a change in leadership now more than ever, and I intend to be a part of that change,”
said Schapira. “For years, the leadership at the capitol has proven that they care more about practicing destructive, exclusive partisan politics and pursuing extremist ideological goals than they do about working on behalf of the people of Arizona. We have to break the status quo before it breaks our state completely.”

In addition to the recognition David has received from the Arizona Republic, he has been named a top legislator by the Arizona Student Association, American Cancer Society, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Arizona Technology Council. David has worked tirelessly at the capitol to make improving Arizona’s public education system a priority. He considers investment in K-12 and university education essential to reviving the state’s stagnant economy.

“Education must come first, and in this economy and job market, it’s even more critical to our advancement as a state. The best way to bring stable, well-paying jobs to Arizona is by offering employers a highly educated workforce. The best way to develop a robust, homegrown economic foundation is through our public universities’ research initiatives.”

David and his wife Rosemary reside in Tempe, and are expecting the birth of their first child this summer.

Learn more at DavidforAZ.com.

Congrats David!

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