Monday, April 05, 2010

Maricopa Supes appoint committee to vet interim replacement for Thomas

...and while almost anybody would be an improvement over Thomas, whoever makes the grade with this bunch won't be much of an improvement.

From the East Valley Tribune -
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors appointed a citizens' committee Monday to recommend a replacement for outgoing Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The Board of Supervisors will make the final decision on whom to pick and is scheduled to consider the recommendations by the five-man committee on April 16.

The committee consists of former state Rep. Steve Tully, former state Attorney General Jack LaSota, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Goldwater Institute attorney Clint Bolick and Salvador Ongaro, who leads a Latino legal organization.

Let's see -

- Tully is a former legislator (House majority leader in the mid-2000s) and chair of the LD11 Republicans.

- Lasota is a former AG and current lobbyist and a big Thomas supporter.

- Bolick...Clint freakin' Bolick. Where do I start? Go to Blog for Arizona and run a search; they've done a much better job of covering him and his organization, Goldwater Institute, than I ever have. Suffice to say, where most people have blood running through their veins, he's got Kool-Aid.

- Smith is the mayor of Mesa. He's a Republican, but he may be one of the few in AZ who actually can be conservative without trying to destroy society in the name of ideology. I don't always agree with him, but he seems to be trying to improve Mesa. It seems to be working, or at least it isn't the political laughingstock of the Valley of the Sun any longer.

Note: In a weird bit of coincidence, Scottsdale now holds that distinction, and Jack Lasota's son Tim is the chief of staff for Jim Lane, Mayor of Scottsdale. OK, given that Tim also worked for Thomas at one point, I don't think that it is much of a coincidence.

- Ongaro is head of Los Abogados, Arizona's Hispanic Bar Association.

The Phoenix New Times has more coverage, including the supes' press release on today's appointments, here.

In other County Attorney news, the AZ Republic has a piece up on the possibility that former CA Rick Romley may run for the job.


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Thane Eichenauer said...

I'll point out that Clint Bolick works for the Goldwater Institute and doesn't own it.

And it is hard (or I am lazy and stupid) to find an article on BlogForArizona on Clint Bolick by searching on BlogForArizona (apparently all of them are hits but none of those I looked at (5) are about Clint Bolick).