Sunday, April 04, 2010

Late season candidate committees

Yes, it is getting late for candidate committees to form, with only a little over seven weeks remaining before nominating petitions are due at the Secretary of State's/County Clerk's/City Clerk's office.

However, at least a few intrepid souls are giving it a shot.

- Rick Fowlkes of Mesa has started a $500 Threshold Committee for a run at the Arizona Corporation Commission (filer ID 201000533). No party is listed in his entry on the Secretary of State's website, but he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for ACC in 2008.

Update, courtesy a comment from regular reader Thane: Fowlkes' website identifies him as a Libertarian. I thought he might have made the move officially (in the 2008 campaign, he ran as part of a team that was more Libertarian than Republican), but I wasn't sure.

- Frank Fairbanks, who I think is the same Frank Fairbanks who recently retired after nearly two decades as City Manager of Phoenix, recently formed a $500 Threshold committee to run for the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (aka - Central Arizona Project).

- Republican Justin Pierce, an attorney from Mesa, has filed to run for Maricopa County Attorney. Turns out that is a lousy name for a Google search. I think he is a Young Republican who is active in tea party circles, but I'm not sure.

- Libertarian Sean Shepherd has formed a committee for a run at Scottsdale City Council. Seems to be active in tea party activities and a Republican drinking group.



Thane Eichenauer said... appears to identify Rick Fowlkes' current party preference as Libertarian.

cpmaz said...

Thanks for the update Thane. I'll update the post.