Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A "Thank you Harry" march, with a little good karma mixed in

There was a rally and march in Tempe on Tuesday to thank Congressman Harry Mitchell for his "yes" vote on health care reform. Well over 100 people attended to show their gratitude, and hundreds more passers-by shouted or honked to show their unity with the marchers.

The day was filled with smiles, especially when we found out that the planned anti-Harry rally planned by tea partiers and Jan Brewer and scheduled for Harry Mitchell Park in Tempe had fizzled out due to the sprinkles of rain in the Valley at the time.

The one dark note was when a woman who was marching in support of Harry collapsed near 6th St. and Mill Ave. She was unresponsive, even after CPR and multiple defibrillations, and everyone present was praying for her.

Apparently, those prayers helped. Probably not as much as a knowledgeable bystander, well-equipped and -trained EMTs, and highly-skilled doctors and nurses, but still... :)

From -

An unsung hero saved the life of the 65-year-old woman who collapsed at a political rally on Mill Avenue on Tuesday in Tempe, a spokesman for the Tempe Fire Department said.

When she collapsed, an anonymous bystander began chest compressions immediately, before paramedics arrived.

"These chest compressions being performed likely contributed to her survival," said Tempe Fire spokesman Mike Reichling.
Keep the as-yet-unidentified victim in your thoughts and prayers during what is sure to be a long recovery.

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