Friday, March 26, 2010

Current state of the Republicans: a deep, pervasive snit.

Not talking about the various bricks, threats, and epithets that have been thrown about in recent days.

Nope, that stuff goes beyond being characterized as part of a "snit."

Far beyond.

No, I'm talking about petty stuff, like...

...AZ's senior U.S. Senator John McCain pledging to take his ball and go home because of the House's passage of health care reform.

...AZ House Speaker Kirk Adams removing Rep. Daniel Patterson (D-Tucson) from the House's Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee because Patterson had the audacity to criticize State Senator (and Republican/Nativist hero) Russell Pearce (R-Mesa). Who knew Pearce had such tender sensibilities?

...AZ Senate President Bob Burns shelving a bill to raise the two-year statute of limitations on child sexual abuse claims.

...The Arizona House of Representative basically screwing the thousands of taxpayers who have already done their state tax returns by refusing to conform AZ's tax code to the updates in the federal tax code. The deed was done by adopting an Adams amendment to the routine annual bill to conform to IRS changes. Adams' amendment essentially changed the bill to mandate that the state's tax code *not* conform. Adams' amendment does nothing to affect the federal government; they won't even notice its passage.

...Arizona's Governor becoming so incensed at the passage of a health care reform package that could help poor and working families gain adequate health insurance coverage, an enactment that took place mere days after she did away with the state's KidsCare program, that she issued a call for an 8th Special Session of the legislature. She wants to ask them for permission to use scarce state resources to sue the federal government over HCR, because Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard won't do her bidding.

The Republican Party - Formerly the "Party of No"; now the "Party of Pissy"...

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