Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Celebrity sues company over TV ad

I don't normally comment on pop culture happenings, mostly because ultimately they are utterly meaningless to anyone other than those people who are directly involved.

Occasionally though, something so jaw-droppingly inane crops up that even I take notice.

One such item has hit the wires today and it thoroughly merits some ridicule.

From Yahoo! -
Lindsay Lohan is no milkaholic.

And that's likely why the 23-year-old star is suing financial company E-Trade for $100 million for using her name in its latest commercial about a boyfriend-stealing "milkaholic" baby.

I've seen the spot. Thought is was cute and worth a chuckle. Did *not* think "Why, they're making fun of Lindsay Lohan!" when I saw it.

A few points here -

1. Lindsay/Lindsey ranks between 277 and 380 (depending on spelling) on the list of most popular baby names (according to the Social Security Administration, anyway). As recently as 1999, it ranked in the top 100. It's a popular name.

If the baby's name in the spot had been "Lohan", there might be grounds for a suit.

However, it's wasn't and there isn't.

2. Last time I heard (and since I don't follow this stuff, my info may be a few years out of date), Lindsay Lohan isn't interested in boyfriends. That's her choice to make, but it kind of undercuts her point in the suit. No if the baby girl had been stealing the recurring character's girlfriend, there might be grounds for a suit.

However, she wasn't and there isn't.

3. Could the fact that Lohan's fame is fading fast be behind this lawsuit? A little senseless ranting to let people know she is still around, trying to get a little attention? Well, if it is, it worked.

She's earned a little attention from a mostly obscure blog in Arizona.

Her PR team has certainly earned its pay this week.

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