Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 candidate update

Just a couple of quick updates to pass along -

...Renz Jennings, a former member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, has filed for a run this year (filer ID 2010520), creating a primary on the Democratic side of the ballot. He, State Senate Democratic Leader Jorge Luis Garcia, and State Rep. David Bradley are pursuing the nomination for the two available seats on the ACC.

...Current AZ businesswoman and former US Senate staffer Nan Stockholm Walden is rumored to be mulling a run at John McCain's Senate seat. If she does jump in, she would be entering

While it is a little late in the season to be starting runs, there are still two months left in which to gather sigs, and a decent field operation can easily get that done. What will be more fascinating to see is if an electoral neophyte such as Walden understands that there is a difference between being a staffer and a candidate/officeholder.

What's interesting about the late entries (assuming that Walden actually enters the Senate race) is that it speaks to the the perception that Rs in Arizona may be vulnerable this year. Between the wholesale mismanagement of the state by the Rs in power and the Hayworth/nativist/tea party wing of the GOP looking to weaken John McCain in their primary, Republicans at all levels of Arizona politics are jumping at shadows and watching their backs.

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