Monday, February 01, 2010

Pet Peeve time

A quick-hit, non-political post ahead...

Many supermarkets now have one or more "self-checkout" lanes. The cynic in me understands that one of the purposes of such unstaffed checkout lanes is to limit the stores' need for more employees, particularly those employees that are members of unions.

On the other hand, when I just have a few items to pay for (like yesterday), and the store's regular cashiers are very busy (also like yesterday), the self-checkout lanes are a great way to quickly take care of business and get on with the rest of the day.

Unlike yesterday.

The lines everywhere were long and moving slowly, so I joined the line to use the self-checkout lanes. Turned out that particular line was moving just as slowly as the others.

When I approached the front of the line, I learned why this was so.

One of the users of the self-checkout lane had decided to empty their freakin' change jar, and were slowly counting out the money that they needed to pay for their purchases.

Make that very slowly counting, and then recounting.


...OK, I vented, and now I feel much better. :)


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