Saturday, February 06, 2010

Goldwater Institute: just cutting out the middle man

Edit on 2/7 to correct a factual error: An anonymous emailer, begged39704, alerted me to the fact that Clint Bolick is *not* listed as the candidate, his wife Shawnna is. Clint is the treasurer for her committee. I apologize to both Bolicks for the mistake.

Thank you, begged39704.

Apparently, using most of the Republican caucus of the legislature as surrogates is too slow - now they're going for spousal control (can't call it a "hostile" takeover since GI's operatives are so warmly welcomed at the Capitol now).

On February 5, 2010, one Shawnna Bolick registered a campaign committee (filer ID 201000453) to enter the Republican primary for State Representative in LD11. She joins Jon Altmann, Bev Kraft, Dusti Morris, and Kate McGee in that race. The incumbents are Dr. Eric Meyer (D) and Adam Driggs (R). Meyer has a reelection committee opened; Driggs is "exploring" a run for the Senate seat from LD11 and has been rumored to be eyeing the CD3 race.

Bolick is the spouse of Clint Bolick, a senior member of GI. He heads up their "constitutional litigation" arm, which basically means suing various levels of governments until they give him what he wants (school tuition tax credits) or stop what he doesn't want (Clean Elections - too numerous to link to just one. Google "Bolick" and "Clean Elections"). He also leads the charge against any government regulations of business that he considers unfairly burdensome.

Which is pretty much *all* regulation.

In short, he is already a member of the GOP caucus of the lege in everything but title. His wife winning an election will just be a formality, and losing one won't change the reality of the situation.

Though I have to wonder how their relationship will be affected if she wins - there are limits on how much lobbyists can spend on legislators.

Oh wait - GI isn't a "lobbying" group, it's a "non-partisan" small government advocacy group. And the fact that the issues that they advocate on behalf of almost invariably benefit their clients donors?

A fortuitous coincidence, nothing more.

If Bolick's run is successful, look for more GI operatives to try to take over government positions (i.e. - Mrs. Matthew Ladner as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, etc.).

Frying pan, get ready to meet fire.


Thane Eichenauer said...

Oh the humanity! Not Clint Bolick - nooooo!!!!!!!!

Thane Eichenauer said...

Given the updated article, I'll just say: nevermind.