Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tornado Warning issued for Maricopa County

No joking, and no politics.

A tornado warning has been issued in Maricopa County until 10 p.m.

Keep your flashlights and candles handy, and if a twister approaches your location, get into a bathtub (cast iron is preferable, but since this is 21st century AZ... :) ), and cover up with a blanket to protect against flying glass.

Pretty much everything significant has been closed for the night due to the weather, and tomorrow is iffy. Call ahead if your plans for Friday included flying out of Sky Harbor or attending the car auction.

Or attending anything else that doesn't include staying at home...

The rain is expected to continue on Friday, though the winds should (hopefully!) die down a little, with the rain possibly ending on Saturday.


Martyrmama said...

Dude! You cover the weather, too?! ;) You rock. (be safe)

cpmaz said...

Ummm...I'd love to take the kudos here, but "covering the weather" consisted of "poking my head outside and thinking 'Oh shit! I moved to Arizona to get away from this stuff!' and then checking the National Weather Service's report/forecast for Phoenix."

Can't add "meteorologist" to the list of amateur job titles.