Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama And Bipartisanship, with an Arizona twist

At tonight's State Of The Union address from President Barack Obama, there will be a special guest in the First Lady's box, one that should illustrate his willingness and desire to reach across party lines in his quest to address America's economic crisis.

Seated with Michelle Obama, the First Lady, will be one Don Karner.

Karner is President and CEO of eTEC (Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation) of Phoenix. eTEC designs, manufactures, and implements infrastructure for "on-road" electric vehicles (i.e. - charging systems).

The President's speech will focus on jobs, and Karner's company is a good example of the benefits of new energy technology (I would say "alternative", but soon it will be "normal", not "alternative.") His company is part of an 11-city pilot program for developing a viable electric car charging infrastructure that has already created 50 jobs and will help keep or create a number of related construction jobs.

The video archive from a Horizon story/interview on eTEC and the pilot program is here.

How do I know that he is a Republican? Follow the money. He's given to the RNC and to a Republican candidate for Congress from Ohio.

Wonder if any elected Rs will follow Karner's lead, and work with the President in areas of common interest, or if, like John McCain, they will automatically oppose anything the President supports?

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