Monday, January 25, 2010

More candidate committees forming

This post will focus mostly on Maricopa County races (and then mostly on the Scottsdale/Tempe area) because there haven't been any significant changes in state-level races since the last post on this topic. This is *not* meant to be a comprehensive list -

- Andy Yates (R) of Scottsdale has filed for the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (aka - Central Arizona Project)

- Mark Anderson (R) of Mesa, a former state legislator and candidate for Congress, has filed for the West Mesa Justice of the Peace slot (R incumbent)

- Michael Stauffer (R) of Cave Creek, a lieutenant with the Scottsdale PD, has filed for a run for Sheriff. An office which, to the best of my knowledge, isn't on this year's ballot. Not yet, anyway.

- Tim Bray (R) of Scottsdale has filed for a run at CAP Director

- Charles Boles (R) of Tempe has filed for a run at the University Lakes JP spot. The R incumbent here, John Ore, has become Joe Arpaio's go-to guy when Arpaio needs to find someone to sign search warrants filed against Superior Court-level judges who find themselves on Arpaio's $h!t list.

- Guy Phillips (R) of Scottsdale, a contractor, has filed for a run at Scottsdale City Council

In terminated committee news, Vernon Parker, formerly an R candidate for governor and currently a candidate for the CD3 seat held by the soon-to-retire John Shadegg, has closed his "Save Our Jobs: Stop the Tax Hike" committee (filer ID 201000350). Since this committee was set up as a conduit for third-party expenditures in the governor's race, there is no reason to continue it now that its founder is running for a federal office.


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