Friday, January 29, 2010

37 minutes

Apparently, that is how long it takes for a Kansas jury to wade its way through a line of radical B.S.

From AP via -
A jury took just 37 minutes Friday to convict an anti-abortion activist of murder for putting a gun to the head of abortion doctor George Tiller and pulling the trigger in the foyer of a church.

Attorneys for Scott Roeder had hoped to argue for a lesser conviction of voluntary manslaughter, based on the defendant's belief that the killing was justified to save the lives of unborn children. But the judge threw out that defense a day earlier, leaving the jurors to choose between a murder conviction or acquittal.

It won't bring back Dr. Tiller, and the radical anti-choicers will still view Roeder as a martyr instead of the cold-blooded murderer that he is, but for one day at least, justice has been served.

I hope today's verdict brings a little solace and peace to Dr. Tiller's family and loved ones.

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