Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tempe recognized by EPA

From the EPA -

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson today recognized Tempe and three other diverse communities that are models of how to grow in ways that protect our nation’s air, land, and water; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; provide safe and affordable housing; and strengthen local economies.


For Smart Growth and Green Building, the City of Tempe is being honored for the Tempe Transportation Center. The Tempe Transportation Center is a model for sustainable design, a vibrant, mixed-use regional transportation hub that incorporates innovative and green building elements tailored to the Southwest desert environment. The Tempe Transportation Center is a true multi-modal facility that integrates a light rail stop, the main city bus station, and paths for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The city of Tempe designed the Tempe Transportation Center as a multi-use green
facility that is not only a transportation hub, but also a gathering spot for the community. The center, which replaced a 2.7-acre surface parking lot, provides much-needed public amenities, including a community room and a shaded public plaza. Additional uses include a transit store, a cafĂ©, shops, and offices, including the city of Tempe’s Transportation Division. Also notable, the center does not provide any automobile parking beyond spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.
From Congressman Harry Mitchell -
"As both a lifelong resident and former Mayor of Tempe, I am proud that Tempe has been recognized for its commitment to being a green and environmentally sustainable community," said Mitchell. "I want to congratulate Tempe city staff and the City Council for their vision and leadership in earning this award, and I hope that my hometown will continue to serve as an example of the possibilities of sustainable design.

Ground was broken on the Transportation Center in 2001 when Congressman Mitchell was the State Senator representing Tempe in the lege and Neil Giuliano was the Mayor of Tempe.

More on Tempe's Green Programs can be found here.


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