Monday, December 07, 2009

Enough with the Tiger Woods stuff already

Time for a rant...

Enough already.

I don't care that Tiger Woods was in a car accident and ran over a fire hydrant, other than to be happy that no one was seriously hurt.

I don't care that he has cheated on his wife - that's an issue to be sorted out between him and his wife, and perhaps their marriage counselors/divorce attorneys (whichever direction they choose to move in).

I don't care how many different women he has cheated with - any number above zero is bad news for the relationship.

I don't care that his wife has apparently moved out of their home - she hasn't moved in with me (not that I would have a problem with that - she's seriously hot).

What I *do* care about is that media coverage of this is overwhelming coverage of matters that actually have an impact on most of the country.

I can understand if the tabloid magazines/websites/TV shows that exist for the sole purpose of disseminating celebrity gossip cover this because this crap *is* their reason for existence. If you don't care for celebrity gossip (and I don't), you can avoid these media outlets (and I do).

I can understand if the sports networks/websites/mags cover this because Woods *is* a sports figure. This isn't their normal fare, but since this could reasonably be expected to impact Woods' play in his chosen field of endeavor, it's fair game.

What I can't understand is why the "mainstream" media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN have devoted so much effort and time to covering this. I watch those outlets for hard news, not the latest reports of "celebrities behaving badly."

Enough already.

End rant...

Yup, there were lots of "I's" in this one, but it was a rant, just something that has really been bugging me for a week and that I needed to get off my chest.

Thanks for your patience. Back to politics...


Martyrmama said...

I was sick of him before the scandal broke. Gee whiz, you put a lot of hope and idol-worship on a mortal man and expect his ego (and his penis) to stay in check? Really?! Whatever. I, too, am over the Tiger coverage. As the soup nazi from Seinfeld would say, "NEXT!!"

cpmaz said...

I wasn't sick of him before this scandal, I just didn't care about him.

The problem is that I still don't care about him, but the MSM keeps pushing him into view, and I am beginning to resent it (I actually changed the channel away from the Olbermann show tonight because of this!).

Ellis said...